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Q. When an eBook is ordered what do I get?
A. You can download and save an electronic book in PDF with various places to explore within that city.

Q. Do I have to go to everything on the custom itinerary?
A. These are only suggestions of places to go and things to do.  You can pick and choose as you wish.

Q. Does it download directly to my device?
A. Yes, the eBook will download in a PDF to any device.

Q. Can I send the eBook to others once downloaded?
A. Yes, once you purchase an eBook you can forward the PDF.

Q. Who should I contact with technical problems if they occur?
A.  Please refer any technical questions to

Q.  How long does it’s take to receive my custom itinerary once I order it?
A. T
he custom itinerary will be emailed to you within the number of days you selected for your orders.  Ex: 3-day itinerary is returned to you in 3 business days.

Q. Does GoDebs provided refunds for unused eBooks?
A. Since this is a downloadable item, once you purchase we are unable to process refunds.

Q. How can I contact GoDebs directly for other questions?
A. Please refer additional questions to  A representative from GoDebs will respond promptly.

 Q. If I order a custom itinerary, what do I receive?
A. You receive a PDF via email of places to go within various cities of Southern California based on your time in SoCal and interest that you selected on questionnaire.

Q. If I find other cool and interesting places to go and things to do in a city that is not on the eBook, who should I contact?
A. Please, we would love to hear about it.  Email

Q. Can GoDebs create a custom itinerary for my children to follow on their own?
A. GoDebs custom itinerary is created for 18 years of age and older unless a accompanied by an adult. 

Favorite Destinations

  • Malibu 80% 80%
  • Newport Beach 90% 90%
  • Venice Beach 95% 95%
  • Redondo Beach 60% 60%


GoDebs nailed it with the most amazing itinerary I could not have imagined. For two solid weeks GoDebs put together suggestions of places to go and things to do that I would have never known about. I tried to do it all and some I just couldn’t get to.  It really was the best trip ever.